Monday, July 27, 2009

Yesterday was another busy and fun day with the baby. Yesterday morning we had our first trip to church with Abbi. We weren't running to late for church with her, but we did realize half way there that we had forgotten things that we needed. Luckily they weren't things we had to have, but it was still a little frustrating.

Abbi slept through her first church service (something I'm sure will continue for quite a while) and then we headed home. After lunch and a nap, we took time to do Abbi's first photoshoot by me. Jenn got her in a cute outfit and then we setup her up for some pictures. The purpose was to get a good picture of her for her birth announcement that we will hopefully be ordering soon. Tomorrow is Abbi's two week checkup and today is her two week birthday. Time flies!

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