Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lots of news today. First the important stuff. This morning we met with Dr. Puttgen at John Hopkins Dermatology Clinic to discuss the port wine stains on Abbi's face. The process of visiting the clinic for the first time went very well, and Jenn and I both thought that all the nurses and doctors were wonderful.

Now the info. The birthmark on her cheek is a port wine stain, and the birthmark on her forehead is probably as well, however the doctor said she would say 50/50 as to whether it would fade or not. Abbi has some birthmark that runs onto her eyelid and a little bit of spots on her nose. The doctor felt that all of those would most likely fade. We discussed with the doctor options for laser treatment of the birthmarks, and we were told that with treatments we and Abbi could expect 50 - 90% reduction in the port wine stain birthmarks. They are willing to start those treatments as early as 3 months if we decide to pursue that course for her.

Next news - there is a new gallery of pictures online now as well. As I've been doing, I'll be pulling individual images out here to showcase. For example, today's picture is of Abbi in an outfit picked out by Jenn and she's laying on the blanket that my mom crocheted for her. We took this picture and the others to get a picture of Abbi for her announcement, which has been ordered and should be on its way to us soon!

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