Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I want to write a paragraph here and explain the purpose of this page. Many people Jenn and I know with babies have websites for their kids so they can share pictures and such. As a web developer I felt compelled to something a bit more for Abbi. So I created a copy of my blog for her. Only pictures of Abbi will be posted here, and of course my blog will feature her from time to time, but I intend to regularly post here with information and pictures about her. There are links to on the side to photo galleries and such, and at the top is her most recent growth information.

So last night was another first for our little girl. Abbi had her first bath where she was able to get "in" the water. We didn't fully immerse her, but her bottom was in the water and she still didn't like it. This was all because yesterday, the greatest thing ever happened.

Her umbilical cord fell off! I can't describe how gross it was. It smelled, it looked nasty, it was just gross. When she's older and asks what it was like to take care of her as a baby I will tell her that her umbilical cord was gross. Other than that...now she's got a cute little belly button.

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  1. She's so adorable! I guess I'm a little biased though. :)