Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today was a good day for the new Harrah family. We had plenty of firsts that I'd like to share about. Our first first, was a very very long sleeping in this morning. That was very nice. Our second first was that I changed Abbi's diaper today and for the first time she didn't wail as if she was being murdered. She just laid there and enjoyed the process.

This evening we headed out for our first trip out. We went to Target and then had dinner at Five Guys all the while Abbi was sleeping away in her carseat. We didn't garner to much attention in Target, but plenty of people smiled and looked at the cute baby in Five Guys.

Our final first, not so much baby related, was that our power was out this evening. I don't know how long because it was out when we got home. I do know it was back on by 10:45. That being said, it was another first for Abbi, her first encounter with the failure of our power grid and BGE. A good day overall. And for tomorrow, another first as well, but more on that another day.

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  1. So many firsts and so many more to come. It was nice of Abbi to let you all sleep on a weekend. Such a little sweetie.