Saturday, August 31, 2013

I definitely find it harder to write about Abbi on a month by month basis as she has gotten older. With Cole there are still so many little things that you see changing every day, but with Abbi the changes are so much more gradual and happen over longer periods of time than just a single month. That said, for this next year I still plan to write about Abbi each month.

This past month had us out on another family beach vacation, and I think Abbi did pretty well this year with vacation. I remember writing back after our Disney World trip that she was very bossy and showed a lot of behavior problems we hadn't been seeing at home. That wasn't the case on our OC trip. She was her normal self, and that might have been because of our friends presence (her best friend Audrey) and her familiarity with the trailer. We spent the bulk of the week vacationing with great friends of ours, and it really seemed like Abbi enjoyed all the time that she got to spend with Audrey, in what has clearly become family tradition.

In association with her birthday, or thereabouts Abbi got a new playhouse and swingset. She absolutely loves it. LOVES IT. There isn't a time that I go outside, that she doesn't ask me if I'll push her on the swing. She likes playing with her friends up in the playhouse as well, but for now, the swing portion seems to be the biggest hit.

Developmentally something we've noticed about Abbi is that she is very aware of numbers. Numbers in real life and doing simple math. She sees things and can add them up, basic math like 2+2 type things, and she seems to see the number patterns in things. Like a beach umbrella, divided into 6 color sections. She saw that recently and commented that there 6 triangles, 3 red, 3 white, and that together it made 6. We've commented often that she seems to have a "math type" of brain, which isn't to surprising given both my background and Jenns.

And finally, a good portion of the last month has also been spent learning to ride her new birthday bike. She goes through hot and cold spells with it, but overall seems to truly enjoy riding her bike. I hope its something she'll really get into over the next year.


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  1. Abbi is a beautiful little girl and so smart.