Friday, August 30, 2013

My little man is a year and half old, and just like every other post, its unbelievable. What makes this milestone a little harder to swallow is that it comes with a doctor visit. Cole's checkup went very well regarding all of his health milestones. He's still a little guy, but he's growing, and working his way up into the higher percentages. No more 10th percentile for Cole!

Also at his checkup, his speech was a topic of long discussion, and as such Cole is scheduled to meet with the people from the Anne Arundel County infants and toddlers program. This program will evaluate Cole's speech, and determine where he is on the spectrum of children his age, and help determine what the best course of action is, to try and get him on track and where he is supposed to be with his speech, given his age. In short - he doesn't say enough words, and we knew this going in the appointment. What he does say is mama, hot, cup, and everything else is da. Sometimes I get a dada, but mostly just a da.

I mentioned last month that Cole was pushing out more teeth, and at this point I can now say that he's rocking a full set of baby teeth. He's been a teethy monster his whole life, he's now got a full set to show off. Which of course helps him tear through some food like a little monster.

Finally, Cole had an awesome vacation. Last year vacation for Cole was spent sleeping in various places. This year he got to experience the beach, and he seemed to love it. Anyone that knows Cole, knows he loves his sandbox, so with that in mind, you can imagine how much he loved being at the beach. I think he ate about 2lbs of sand while we were there too.

I think he enjoyed the time to be independent, but also being able to play with the girls, and adults. He seemed to have a good time digging holes with Jake and I, so I have a happy feeling that I'm helping to raise another life long beach hole digger, and I'm happy to welcome him to the team. Just like with Abbi, watching Cole grow up is an amazing thing, something I try really hard each day to keep in perspective and cherish as much as possible.


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  1. Cole is so precious and so cute. He sure does like the sand.