Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cole doesn't really seem to get any "bigger" with each passing month, he just seems to get a little bit older. He's still out little guy, and I think its going to be that way for a while. Now that summer is here he's finally steady into shorts and t-shirts, but he's still rocking some 12 months clothes.

Cole's speech hasn't changed to much, he's still sticking to the same basic words, most of which sound like "da". It really seems like 90% of what he says is some form of "da". At Cole's 18 month check up they will evaluate his speech progress and determine if we need to do anything about it for him.

Cole has been busy loving summer, still completely obsessed with being outside, and playing out there. He loves the hose, and any random toy that might be outside for him to discover.

And in a development that seems almost completely implausible, Cole appears to be growing even more teeth, working out his final front four teeth, his canines.

Cole is such a sweet little kid and seems to have such a sweet and calm persona. Now calm is relative of course, relative to him not being pissed off and upset about things only baby's find upsetting, but - he's still a pretty calm kid that we love a ton.


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