Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Big news for Cole in the last few weeks. Cole has had numerous visits to the Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) doctor over the past few months, all in an effort to the volume of fluid in his ears. Finally, a few weeks back, Cole had a scheduled appointment to get anesthesia so the doctor could get a good look at his ears. Once they were able to get a good look inside they determined that he was not in need of tubes in his ears to control the volume of fluid. Which was of course great news for Cole and us.

Cole has been saying a lot of new words and sounds over the past weeks as well. He's finally starting to say "Ma-Ma" with much more frequency. He still doesn't really call Jenn mama to get her attention, but he'll at least repeat it with more frequency. We're working with him constantly saying words to him, encouraging him to repeat after us before we give him the object of his desire, such as cup, fork, up, down and so on.

He's still just a "little" guy. He fits good into his 12-18 month shirts, but shorts - not so much. His short little legs make 12-18 month shorts look like "short pants". Basically, ridiculous looking. I'm personally waiting on some kind of growth spurt from him to help him fit into some of his summer clothes before it starts getting cold again.

Now that Jenn is off for the summer, Cole and the kids come in with her to wake me up each morning. Its really fun because Cole likes to roll up onto me, an grab my face and start talking to me. While I'm still half asleep sometimes, its still really cute, and its time that I enjoy with the kids each morning. Its definitely something I'll miss once Jenn goes back to work.


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  1. Cole may be little but he sure is cute. I love to hear him say words like he does now.