Friday, July 12, 2013

Over the past year I've been documenting on Twitter some of the random things that Abbi says. I've used the hashtag #abbisays to keep track of them, and thought it would nice to put them all up as a post today, the day before her fourth birthday.

  • Cole is telling himself a bedtime story (while crying in his crib).
  • I get to get my face painted AND popcorn. WOW!
  • You can't be mad at ME and Cole. We're just kids.
  • Fart your engines!
  • I'm a jacket. You wanna wear me?
  • Mama. Would you turn the light on for a second? I can't see these spoons!
  • Ewwww - you have finger tips on your fingers.
  • This trick or treat is fun.
  • If I ever do anything, like break this window, I won't be I'm trouble.
  • I'm talking to the window.
  • I love going to Hershey Park!
  • I love Ocean City!
  • Hey mom and dad look at me! Keep your eyes on me!
  • I can say a lot of things (after saying refrigerator)
  • But I want to watch it. I like it. Its my favorite movie. What is this?
  • Mommy I wanna get outta here. Let me outta here!
  • I wanna go to toreo us (Toys R Us).
  • Now everyone has toothes. Mommy and daddy and Abbi and Coley!
  • I'll be old and big like mommy. Then I'll wear these clothes
  • Poop your farts in your pants.
  • "They are rainbow cheerios" - regarding her goldfish
  • "All of it was the happy part" - regarding her 3 year birthday party.
  • Me: do you want to be Cole?
    Abbi: No. Because I like being a girl.
  • I want some of that pink ice cream, like at grandpa's house.
  • Where's the other lady (referring to Christine upon the arrival of nana and Cara)
  • I like this watermelon (said while licking a lemon)
  • I take my vitamins and I grow bigger and bigger and bigger and then I'll meet the Incredibles
  • Me: "sit on the couch Abbi"
    Abbi: "but I need to drink this milk".
  • Just let me finish this part and then you can have it [the iPad]
  • She keeps calling the beach trailer the "hotel"


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  1. Cute! Cute! Cute! It will be nice for her to look back on in years to come.