Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I want to write about Abbi sooner than later, on the past few weeks because I want to try and get back on track with the writing about the kids as Abbi gets ready to turn 4 in a few weeks.

The biggest thing to happen in the last "month" - Abbi had her first recital. I wrote about it, and my thoughts on it already, but I'm still in awe of her and her ability to get up in front of such a large audience and perform so well. I'm really proud of her, and what she's been able to do. Especially her desire to stick with the activity, and her genuine interest in it.

And speaking of activities, just this morning Abbi started another one. Jenn is taking her to a local gym for swim lessons. She started out the morning not to interested in going, and by the time she was done she loved it, and I get the feeling she can't wait to go back for more. Again - I'm really proud of my little girl for doing so many things, and being open to doing new ones.

Those are probably the two largest things for Abbi over the last few weeks. She's still a great big sister, but I'm noticing more and more, the jealousy between her and Cole as they fight for our attention. Something that I'm sure isn't going to be resolved anytime soon. From my perspective its hard. Its hard to juggle both kids, especially when they both want your attention. I even struggle to give Abbi attention when she's requesting it over her mom. Its a constant struggle, and even more so to try and teach her the right way to interject, and join the conversation.

I'm really excited to see my little girl turn 4 in a few weeks, but at the same time, its so hard to imagine how quickly the time has passed. Thankfully I've got almost 4 years worth of writing about her to sit back and reflect on and remember how we got here.


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  1. It doesn't seem like almost 4 years we were waiting on Abbi to be born, taking a trip to the hospital to make sure we could find it and then just waiting on the call. I'm sure as much as she likes the water she will enjoy swimming lessons. She get prettier every day.