Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm trying to make sure that I spend quality time with Abbi even though she's still really young. Jenn gets to spend a ton of time with her, especially since she handles all the feeding. So when Abbi and I spend time together, I try to have fun with her. I'm not big on the sit and hold and watch her sleep aspect of things.

Over the weekend I sat in front of our front door and talked with her about outside and such, and then eventually I laid back, hence this picture.


  1. There is only one word for this picture: PRECIOUS

  2. The first year there isn't a whole lot for you to do with Abbi. I have really valued Andy doing exactly what you did with your daughter in this photo which is provide a perspective on life that is different from mine. Andy taught Liv how to use her imagination in ways that I would have never thought. I would have never taught her to make her boppy into a flying saucer or how to play crazy games that they play every night like rhino vs. dinosaur. It's important to her that you're there even when you don't feel like there is much to do with her.