Friday, May 25, 2012

Its been almost another 2 weeks since Cole turned 3 months, but since it was on a weekend, I have failed immensely to get around to writing about him.

One of the best improvement for us with Cole in the last month has been that he's now sleeping through the night. He typically goes to bed between 8:30 and 9:30 and then sleeps until about 6 am, eats and then sleeps again until about 8:30. So finally after all these months, Jenn is able to get a decent amount of rest, that is when Abbi lets her.

He's doing fantastic with his motor skills. He's got really strong legs, and he's still working keeping his head up. He's done some time in the bumbo, but not to much just yet. We've still been battling on and off with a rash that Cole has had since he was just born. Since he's got this chubby little neck and such, it tends to get infected and creams seem to do him good, but we can't seem to rid him of it completely.

Cole is also really starting to get some personality. I can't say enough how much he seems to love Abbi. She loves him to death so that helps, but she really interests him. Its really nice to see her take an good interest in him, one that will hopefully foster a good sibling relationship between them as they get older.

I've come to the conclusion also that Cole is more like Jenn in that he loves to be awake in the morning. If I see him before work he's always very happy and smiling. And just like Jenn, at night he's tired and just wants to get to bed. Its really awesome seeing him smile too. Those are becoming more and more frequent as well. There are times though when he looks at you with the most stoic face ever.

One more thing, this is more a difference between kids. Cole hates bath time. I mean hates it. Jenn does it all the time since she's home, but he hates it. By the time Abbi was in the mini-tub she loved bath time. Not Cole, little man hates being in there. So that means the beach should be interesting in a few months.


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  1. Cole is so precious. I love that little smile and those eyes. Jenn had him on her shoulder at church Sunday and he was checking us out but he would smile at us also.