Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cole is now 1 Month old. I can't beleive he's already a month old. I really do feel like it was just yesterday that he was born. Its so different the second time around from when Abbi was born.

Cole has progressed pretty well this last month, even though he's had some hicups. We were able to come home from the hospital the day after he was born, which was awesome, because who wants to stay there! But they didn't give us his discharge weight, so when we had him weighed at 3 days old, there was nothing to compare it to. He seemed to be gaining weight well the first week, but then during his second week of life he lost almost half a pound which concerned the pediatrician.

So then he visited the doctor 4 times in 8 days to keep tabs on his weight. By the end of those 8 days he had gained about half a pound and then when he went for his one month checkup he had gained another half pound getting him almost back to his brith weight.

I remember the first week he was alive, about 5 days old he slept for almost 8 straight hours. Jenn was in desperate need of sleep and so it was a blessing for her. For me, I was terrified all night long, thinking that something was wrong with him. I've never heard of a newborn sleeping that long. But he did, and he was fine. Currently he usually wakes up twice a night, although he's starting to show signs of sleeping about 6-7 hours initially, which has been great for Jenn.

I commented with Abbi's brith that I felt older. Combo that with being 30 and having another kid, and now i feel old. But thats how it goes I suppose. Jenn and I both are so excited to have our "complete" family. I think even when Abbi was born it was in the back of our heads that we would want another child eventually, and now we thankfully have Cole.

Its awesome to have a son, althought honestly at the moment its not that different from having a little girl. He's just a baby that requires our love and attention, but I can't wait for the days to do awesome stuff with my son!

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  1. You all are loving parents. Cole is so cute and he even has a big sister. You cannot get better than that.