Monday, January 16, 2012

She's 2 ½, and she can tell you that she's "two half". Its amazing. I'm constantly amazed and proud of her, all at the same time.

She's really starting to latch onto some of her colors, which I think is due to the fact that she is now obsessed with the Disney princesses, especially the ones that she met. She has various toys with them on them, like a memory game, valentines, and other toys. She will sort them based on who she met at Disney and who she didn't. And she's very specific about it. If a card has two people on it, one she met and one she didn't, then she will put that in the "didn't meet them" pile. As for colors, like I mentioned, because of her obsession, she's really keen on blue, pink and yellow.

Also in the last month was another Christmas with Abbi. This was her first Christmas in which I think she was "aware" of what was going on. We had played up Santa, and she had seen the presents slowly mounting under the tree. Christmas morning she was excited to get downstairs and open stuff up, and just like every other kid, she wanted to open stuff and play with it if she found it particularly interesting.

We've also been working with Abbi on different things to try and get her ready for her brother's arrival/presence. About two weeks ago I started putting her to bed each night, in the hope of getting her ready for the fact that Jenn will most likely be busy with the baby more often. We also tell her that I'll pick her up when she asks Jenn. This is more because Jenn's not supposed to pick her up, but also because she won't really want to hold both kids at once. I think regardless of what we do its going to be an interesting transition for Abbi, hopefully a painless one.

Finally, since I figure this is the last month that I'll have just one kid, my little girl. It causes some reflection. I can't really remember life before Abbi, and I'm sure once our son is born, I won't really remember life with only one kid. But I want to. Hopefully when I go back and look at these posts that I've written over the last 2 ½ years I'll be able to remember what it was like. Jenn likes to say that Abbi softened me up, which I definitely agree with. I'm glad that we're having a son. I'm really happy that Abbi will always be my little girl, and that she'll be the only one I have. Not to say that I wouldn't have loved to have two little girls, but this way she doesn't have any competition. And I like it that way.

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  1. That is so precious. Abbi can read this in later years and know how much you loved her when she was tiny, little and when she gets bigger.