Friday, December 30, 2011

My person philosophy, so long as I make this post within the month in which it belongs, I'm okay! So here it is, my update on Abbi for 29 months, or 2.5 years.

We had one holiday (Thanksgiving) and a big vacation (Disney) happen during the past month. Thanksgiving was good for Abbi because she got to spend some quality time with my parents, as well as time with her cousins. Its always nice to see her play with them. Especially Attila. They play really well together, and really seem to enjoy one another's company.

Obviously the big even over the past month was our trip to Disney. It was so amazing to see Abbi's face and watch the pure joy she expressed as she got the opportunity to meet the different princesses. The same goes for watching her meet Mickey and Minnie. It was pure joy on her part. I can't really imagine what it would be like to meet something from TV and believe that its really them, like she probably did.

She did fantastic on the plane, on the bus ride to Disney, on the bus rides to the parks, sleeping in the hotel. I mean she was fantastic. I'm sure we had some bumps in behavior, but on the whole, she was a fantastic little girl, and I know Jenn and I had a good time with her because she had such a good time.

As for Abbi every other day. She still as sweet as can be. When I get home each night she's happy to see me, and after dinner she wants her Daddy time. So we play, usually rough since Jenn can't do that at 7 months pregnant. I enjoy our time together, and I really think Abbi does too. I can't wait to spend more with her!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I spent a good bit of time leading up to Christmas putting together this table for Abbi. Its a basic IKEA table that I painted and changed somewhat. The standard top I painted with chalkboard paint, then I took 1/4" plywood and created two more "tops" for it. One is LEGO that you see her with here, and the other is dry erase. As you can see from her smile, she loved the table, and I can't wait to play with her at it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here's a cute picture of my little girl. Not much else to say I suppose. I took this picture after the stunt show at Hollywood Studios. I'm confident we bribed her to get this shot, but regardless, she looks cute and has a great smile on her face!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The first day in Disney World Jenn decided to let Abbi pick out a temporary tattoo. After much deliberation on Abbi's part, she decided on a baby Sleeping Beauty one. She loved it. She talked about it during the day, and the next and the next. It was a good icebreaker for her and the actual Sleeping Beauty princess she met the next day as well. What I found really "funny" was the stuff written around the choices stating it was good for a week. Not really. By about 2 days later, it was seriously faded and a good bit gone. Abbi didn't care though.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our first day in Disney World we went to Hollywood Studios and after getting sunscreened up, Abbi was taking a look at the map. I love this picture. It conveys they she has some kind of idea what she is looking at it, and I just love it.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The last princess we met was Snow White. The other three are all indoors in this "princess room" that you wait to get into and then you can see all three one at a time and then you're done. Its really nice to only have to wait in a single line to see three people. Once we were finished with them, we headed outside and noticed Snow White who Abbi was very interested in meeting as well.

Once we finished waiting in line, about 15 minutes in this case, Snow White came over to Abbi and took her hand and walked her over under the tree she was hanging out underneath. Abbi took her hand and walked with her no problem, it was really cute. Snow White talked to her and gave her a hug, which now that I'm thinking about it, all the other princesses did as well, I just didn't photograph that aspect. Abbi really seemed to enjoy meeting the princesses, and I know she's excited for me to print her up some photos to play with.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last in line to be met was Cinderella. Abbi talks about Cinderella but I don't know if she's ever actually seen any portion of the movie, but she's got paper dolls and stickers and princess books that talk about her, so she clearly knows who she is. The woman portraying Cinderella, just like the other women was very nice to Abbi and again got down close to the ground and talked with her and tried to make her feel comfortable. This is the only princess she actually smiled with too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Today we've got Belle. She's from Beauty and the Beast in case anyone out there didn't know. She is Abbi's favorite princess by far (even though she opted for a different tattoo). She was super excited to meet her, but very nervous to actually get close to her. This Belle got down on the floor to her level and talked with her and tried to make her feel comfortable which was really nice to see. The reason her mouth is open here is because she's exclaiming that she's meeting Belle. I'd prefer a picture of her talking to me than not smiling or crying and such.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So the next few days I'm gonna share pictures of Abbi and the princesses she was able to meet last week, and maybe give a little more insight into each one and Abbi's experience.

So first off was Sleeping Beauty. She had it easy with Abbi. The day before Abbi got a temporary tattoo on her hand of "Baby Sleeping Beauty" and so that was an easy starting point for her to work with. With that as an in, Abbi was a little more open to her and willing to be photographed with her without Jenn next to her. Abbi didn't really smile in any of the pictures, but thats not the point. She's still talking about meeting them, and thankfully unlike last time at Disney, this Sleeping Beauty was very nice.