Friday, December 16, 2011

The last princess we met was Snow White. The other three are all indoors in this "princess room" that you wait to get into and then you can see all three one at a time and then you're done. Its really nice to only have to wait in a single line to see three people. Once we were finished with them, we headed outside and noticed Snow White who Abbi was very interested in meeting as well.

Once we finished waiting in line, about 15 minutes in this case, Snow White came over to Abbi and took her hand and walked her over under the tree she was hanging out underneath. Abbi took her hand and walked with her no problem, it was really cute. Snow White talked to her and gave her a hug, which now that I'm thinking about it, all the other princesses did as well, I just didn't photograph that aspect. Abbi really seemed to enjoy meeting the princesses, and I know she's excited for me to print her up some photos to play with.

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  1. That's so special. She is a special little girl and looks and sounds like she had a good time.