Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So the next few days I'm gonna share pictures of Abbi and the princesses she was able to meet last week, and maybe give a little more insight into each one and Abbi's experience.

So first off was Sleeping Beauty. She had it easy with Abbi. The day before Abbi got a temporary tattoo on her hand of "Baby Sleeping Beauty" and so that was an easy starting point for her to work with. With that as an in, Abbi was a little more open to her and willing to be photographed with her without Jenn next to her. Abbi didn't really smile in any of the pictures, but thats not the point. She's still talking about meeting them, and thankfully unlike last time at Disney, this Sleeping Beauty was very nice.

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  1. That is so neat that she can tell you all about it over and over and she would actually sit with them.