Monday, June 10, 2013

Over the past month we've seen quite a transition for Abbi. Over the past few weeks Jenn and I have taken note of the fact that Abbi has really started to grasp the manners that Jenn and I have been working to instill in her. She's still an almost 4 year old of course, so she's pushy and upset when she doesn't get her way, but she's extremely well behaved these days, and definitely listens and follows directions well.

As we gear up for her fourth birthday, which by the way I can't believe is almost upon us, Jenn and I have started working with her on her alphabet. I'm sure if I've documented it before or not, but Abbi can write "Abbi Harrah" on her own. The Harrah part is a bit rough at times, but you can get the idea. Jenn has been working with her on the rest of the alphabet, and we're coming along.

As for counting, another thing we work on together, she's got 1-13, then jumps to 19, 20. For not conceivable reason. I'd think that 14-18 would be easy since they are just a variation on 4-8, but then again, i'm not her age, so that might have a little bit to do with it too.

On the fatherhood front of things, Abbi recently wanted to get married to me. So Jenn helped put on one of her dress ups and we "got married". Jenn watched. The ceremony was pretty much Abbi walking up to me, giving me a kiss, and then we danced. It was a special moment as a dad, especially since we've got one boy and one girl. I experienced that moment, but at the same time flashed forward to a moment 2 decades from now I hope to experience. Jenn videoed us, and afterward commented that she knows I'll be glad to have that video years from now. I know shes right, and I'm glad to have it now.

Abbi is a special little girl. I'm sure every father feels that way about his daughter, and honestly - I'm not different. I love my little girl. A tremendous amount.


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  1. You and Abbi will both love that video when she gets ready to get married years from now. She is a special little girl to be able to write her name and not be quite 4 years old.
    By the way, beautiful picture.