Sunday, December 9, 2012

I feel like each month I write the same thing about Abbi. Each month she gets older, and so do Jenn and I. There really is nothing like a child getting older and older by the day to make you reflect on your own age, and position in life.

I look at Abbi and I can't help but see a mini-me. She loves attention. She's loud. Often times she can be quite obnoxious. She's silly all the time. She loves her mom to death, and her brother too. It really is crazy to look at a little 3 year old, and see yourself, but thats how I feel every day when I look at Abbi.

Some of the problems that were beginning to present themselves last time I wrote are obviously still there. We've had to have a few conversations about telling the truth. Situations where she's clearly lying we're doing our best to encourage her to tell the truth, so she can learn the value of being honest. But its definitely a struggle with her. Its actually kinda funny from my perspective to hear her blame Cole for something that is literally impossible for him to do.

Another awesome development for Abbi is her recognition of some of the alphabet. She can clearly spell her name now, A-b-b-i. If you ask her to write her name it is written as follows: Mountain line (A), line circle (b), line circle (b), and line dot (i). She knows which letter is which, but tends to shout out "Montain Line!" when she sees a capital "A" on bilboards and signs. She we usually respond by asking her the letter, and we always get "A". Its awesome.

I'm really excited to see her open presents this Christmas. Last year she got it, but this year even more so. We've been talking with her about the meaning of Christmas, and this was the first year that she was interested in decorating the tree with us. She's also all about turning on our Christmas lights that are all around the house. I love seeing things through her eyes, it makes the mundane that much more enjoyable.


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  1. I love the way Abbi writes her name. She is getting so grown up. Cole better watch out - there is no telling what he may do and not even know it. (HA)