Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Have I mentioned before that I love my little girl. Because I do. She's the sweetest little girl around. Even when she's not. There's still a little ball of sweet in there just waiting to come out.

Almost as if she was waiting on being three to change, days after turning 3 Abbi starting talking differently and showing us different things. She's really picked up on the pluralization of words, not the proper way, but now she seems to understand the concept of plural when talking, and its of course cute to watch her.

She's starting to sing a lot on her own now too. Before she would sing songs occasionally, but not very often. Things like the ABC's, and she would always demand that you sing with her, but recently she's been branching out ans performing on her own.

She wrapped up her first session of dance class as well, so it was really good to get Abbi involved in a program outside of our family and home. And next month she'll be starting a program for kids 3-5 (I think) at our church as well as starting back up with dance class again. So thats all very exciting for us and her.

Going back to my thoughts though, I love this kid. Its crazy to think about how much one little kid can change your life, your outlook on things, and your attitude, but thats exactly what Abbi has done for me. I look forward all the time to the days in the future when we can sit down and have intelligent conversations with each other, but honestly, right now, I kinda hope she stays just like she is for a very long time. She's incredibly fun to be around, play with and interact with, and while I look forward to more engaging conversations, I'm sure they'll only pale in comparision to the passion she exhibits when talking about Merida or Puss N Boots.


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  1. Abbi is a precious little girl and I'm glad she is my granddaughter.