Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Abbi has got a great imagination. And she uses it all the time. We're not entirely sure what inspires her sometimes, but that kid can make up her own world and loves to be in it.

You see her here with "her phone", which is simply one of Jenn's old phones, but Abbi loves it. She will "text" other people and make calls to people like me, Jenn, grandmom, maw, pop and so on. Abbi has "talked" to imaginary people for a while now, but never by name until about a week or so ago it really picked up.

Her friend, who happens to be a boy, is named Po-key-o, say it just like its spelled because who knows how it should actually be spelled. This is a strange twist on a cartoon name on tv, and Abbi's own imagination. But to her, he's real, with parents and the ability to travel with Jenn and I places. Its very cute to watch her and see the things she does.

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  1. An active imagination is good. I'm so glad we get phone calls.