Friday, September 20, 2013

Now that a new "school year" has started up, Abbi has gotten back into the swing of things that is the fall. Abbi started this fall in a new dance class that is an hour long. Its 30 minutes of ballet, and then 30 minutes of tap. She really seems to like both, she hasn't really indicated if she likes one over the other yet.

One nice aspect of the class, is that its teaching Abbi some independence. Because the class teaches two different skills over the course of the hour, the girls need to switch out their footwear independently. So its definitely taught Abbi to be much more confident on her own, and helps with learning left and right shoes.

At home she is way into crafts and coloring. There have been many times where she will sit at the dining room table and color or paint for over an hour. And honestly, sometimes she makes some really cool things. She's past the point of just randomly adding color to a page. She's actually creating something artistic and I'm really proud of her. Also, with Jenn being home with her, they have been working together to create various crafts that they think about putting together.

As her dad, something I thought a lot about this month was the fact that less than a year from now, my little girl is going to start school. I can't believe how quickly time has gone by, and with something like the start of a new school year, its easy to measure just how much time has gone by. The time really does go incredibly fast.