Thursday, May 23, 2013

While I've been putting the playset together in the backyard, Cole has been very interested in everything going on. He's particularly interested in the tools being used. The other night while I was using the drill I had set it down for a few minutes and Cole picked it up and started to try and use it. Its of course to heavy for him to really lift it up, but the was this picture looks, it looks like he's actually doing something. I like that he was interested in what was going on. I look forward to the days ahead where we get to build things together (just hopefully not this involved).


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last week we went the annual local carnival. Each year that goes by Abbi seems to get more and more excited about going. This year she was super excited, and our good friends were able to come with us and Abbi and Audrey were able to ride all the rides together. I took this picture of Abbi on one of the rides, and clearly you can see she was having a great time.


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Here's an image that I think gives some insight into the Abbi's imagination. A few weeks back we bought a new patio set and had all the chairs in the garage to get things setup. Abbi arranged them all into this fort setup, and then staged herself in the middle of it all. At one point I know she was using it as a storefront asking Jenn and I what we'd like to eat. And then writing the orders down in her notebook.


Friday, May 10, 2013

Last week we went out for lunch and we brought some food for the kids. One item was a cheese stick for each kid, which at about the halfway point, Cole decided to shove the rest of into his mouth. I wanted to see if he'd show me his food, classic "boy" style, and he did me proud. As you can see!


Monday, May 6, 2013

Cole likes to point. At everything. He points where he wants to go. He points at us. He points at himself. You can see in this picture of him, he was was pointing at me. We're not 100% sure why this developed, but my guess is, that is it is because I have been pointing at him since he was about a month or so old. And I think its a learned behavior that he's adopted.


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its often hard to try and identify changes distinct enough in Abbi month to month at this point. This month is one of those months. I don't feel like there is a whole lot different today, from what I wrote about a month ago.

That said - a month removed from our Disney trip, Abbi's behavior has definitely stayed on the improved side of things. She listens well, is a "good kid". Unlike what we saw at Disney World. One thing that has improved is her sleep. She much more consistently goes to bed easily and sleeps through the night. Finally after over 3.5 years, Jenn is getting some full nights of sleep. We didn't do anything different, Abbi just kinda "grew out" of the bad sleep habits.

I think I mention often when I talk about Abbi, but she loves her brother. And we see if often. Many nights she chooses to sit next to her brother at the dinner table, which means she's the one responsible for feeding him. She'll share her treats with him like ice cream, lollipops and popsicles. Its really cute and heartwarming to see.

This picture of her sums her up these days perfectly. She very often has a bright smile on her face. She loves to be photographed, and she's got a ton of personality. The fact that she's posing like this I think shows off her unique personality, which we of course love, and love her for.